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What to do if you want to open your own dance studio | Raised by the beat
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open your dance studio

What to do if you want to open your own dance studio

Do you have a love for dancing and the passion for sharing it with others? Have you soared to incredible heights in your dance career and you want to take it a step higher by opening a dance studio? Are you about to take your biggest leap in your love for dance? We are here to show you all that is involved in opening a dance studio.

Starting a dance studio requires putting into perspective, a wide variety of categories that is related to it from choosing a niche, location, branding to payment processing systems. This is a lot to think about, but following a checklist will make the process a little less stressful.

Opening your own dance studio may seem tasking, but following this list of steps will help ensure that you do it correctly.  Outlined below are the major categories involved in how to open a dance studio:

Financial Budget

Money is the most important thing you need to open a dance studio after passion and determination. Ensure that you have sufficient money to not only start your dance studio but also to continue operating it for the long-term. Decide if you need to take loans to help finance your dance studio business. While you cannot predict every expense, try to avoid surprises by creating a budget.


In starting your dance studio, you must identify your niche location and market before deciding on a suitable geographic location for your business. This is important, because your location determines the type of clientele you will attract to your business. For instance, opening a dance studio in a family-friendly neighborhood will most likely attract kids, so if you are interested in marketing your dance studio to children, then keep this in mind.

You need to adjust your studio’s ideal location with the facility size and layout that best satisfies your needs. For instance, a studio located in a busy and populated area that is visible to moving traffic will get you noticed on time and draw in more clients.

Safety is important! Make sure your location is in a neighborhood that is generally safe.

There’s need to also research how many other dance studios are situated in the proximity.

Finally, when looking at the building layout, you need to consider the number of rooms you need the studio to have. Ensure the office spaces, storage rooms, bathrooms, lobby, reception area and parking spots are sufficient and comfortable.


A strong brand says a lot about your business and what you have to offer to clients. Branding includes choosing the right decor for your studio, deciding on a name and creating unique visual elements such as logo and sign.

Remember to create a business plan in which you’d outline your mission statement, goals, and values. Emphasize what makes your dance studio unique and valuable to students. Dedicate adequate resources to advertising, because you will have to rely on it for marketing and publicity as a new studio.

Create business cards, a company website and social media accounts for your new studio where you can launch advertisement campaigns from time to time.

Contact local schools and community groups to investigate opportunities for collaboration or partnerships. You can set up a table at town events such as parades and festivals. Holding an open house day is another great strategy. However, consider offering incentives such as a discounted tuition rate or a studio-branded dance gear for signing up for classes on the day.

A strong and well-developed brand helps prospective customers recognize the value of your services, so don’t hesitate to get your name out there.

Legal Affairs

All the legal mumbo jumbo when starting any kind of business is a complicated and tasking process. Hire a lawyer to help you deal with these complexities.

A lawyer can advise you on the lease of your building and also ensure that your business is correctly registered. Obtain an insurance policy and draw up waivers and other important forms to help protect your studio.

Ensure that your dance studio complies with all safety, health, and environmental standards. Obtain all necessary permits and confirm if you’re required to pay music licensing fees.


Order and install the big items of your studio, such as Marley or padded floors and walls, barres, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Buy a solid sound system for your new dance studio, and sound-proof each room as much as you can, to reduce excess noise and distractions. Ensure there’s sufficient lighting in studio rooms, throughout the building, and in the parking lots.

Beyond dance equipment, you will also need basic office tools such as a computer system, an internet connection, studio management software, and payment processing system. In order to accept credit card payments, you will have to register merchant accounts with major providers. Finally, ensure you install locks and a security system in the dance studio for safety.

Management and Administration

To successfully run your new studio, you have to establish your studio policies early, including tuition rates, discipline rules, and attendance. Draw a schedule, decide when the registration period for classes will be, how many classes and which types of classes you will offer per week and when and where performances will be held throughout the year.

Create a document including your studio policies and calendar; make copies of this. Determine how many staff and instructors you’ll need to cover all your classes and what skills/experience you require and hire those that are a good fit with the culture and values of your studio.

Follow this checklist on how to open a dance studio and get started on the right foot.


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