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Tips on how to shoot your dance video prt 1 | Raised by the beat
Raised by the beat is a platform with tools for the urban dance professionals. It's a how to become a streetdancer or better a hip hop dance professional guide.
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Tips on how to shoot your dance video prt 1

Tips on how to shoot your dance video prt 1

Using video to promote your craft is super hot these days. Let me give you some tips on how to get it done right.

This is a pretty big topic to cover so we’ll have to split it into two posts but don’t worry.. both posts can be used separately.

Prepare your concept (mood-board)

Dance videos are just like a visual choreography. They need to come from an idea, a spark of inspiration. Get a piece of paper and start writing down how you would like the video to look like and think about what you want the viewer to feel. This will have an influence on pretty much everything. The type of shots, clothing, lights, etc.

Also create a mood-board. Google is your friend. Research and pin everything you find to a private pinterest board for example. It will give a nice visual overview of how your project could look like. Search for pictures but also videos. Look at how the video is shot and document the angles and editing style you like.


Do some location scouting, make a list of shots

Again,  Google is your friend. Look for photography forums and blogs about the area you want to shoot at. Pinterest, instagram and flikr will definitely have treasures to share too.

Hop on your bike, skateboard or in your car and go scout the places you think might fit. Think about the time of day you are going to shoot tho. Light might change drastically depending on the hour. Don’t go at noon if you want to shoot at sundown. Since you are there anyway, try to find out if you need a special permit to shoot at the location. You do not want to show up with an entire crew and get kicked out


Get a  crew

Now that you have a good idea of the direction of the project, it is time to get the right people to help you. It’s not enough to just show up with some dancers and pull out the camera. It’s always better to have at least a few friends around that know what they are doing. Believe me, you just want to be in charge of the creative process and find people to fill in the other jobs. Make-up and hair, the actual filming, keeping an eye on everyone’s stuff, feeding the staff ( yeah you better have that around), taking care of the lights and so on. Get everyone together for a briefing BEFORE you shoot so that everyone knows his or hers tasks.


Try everything in advance (shots, clothing, make up)

You do not want to leave anything to chance. Besides the actual rehearsal for the choreography, you’ll need to try out literally everything. Clothing needs to be on point if you want to avoid  torn pants, weird colour combinations or even nip slips. Let’s not pull a Janet jackson superbowl wardrobe malfunction shall we? See if the make up works and if you can get everyone ready on time for their shots. Try out most of the camera angles or movements you want to have. You can even do a trial run of the video edit to see if you are heading in the right direction.


Get a videographer or do it yourself

I would highly suggest you’d get a videographer to help you with the project. If you do not have any budget, look for film students or someone that is trying to put together a portfolio. They are often willing to do the job for free or for a trade. If you really want to film yourself, we are thinking about making a video just about that. Leave us a comment if you want to see that video come to life.


Brief everyone and make checklist and schedules

Like we said before, you definitely need to have a briefing with everyone involved but when getting closer to the day of shoot you’ll need to start sending out info to the team. Your email should include: a clear list of what everyone is supposed to bring, where they have to go to and when they have to be there, a list of what is expected of them, if needed also provide information about the venues and what you are allowed to do or not do there, stuff like where the entrance of the building is or clear guidance if you think something might be confusing… You get the point. Better give too much info than too little. Little tip.. make your email easy to read and use bullet point and paragraphs or your message will not be read through.

Make a checklist of what YOU need to bring and do. Shoots can get hectic and you will forget something.


Get everyone to sign release forms

This one is deadly.. Get everybody to sign release forms for the video. It’s a document that states that you have the rights of everything that is being shot and are allowed to distribute it. We have an example you can use on our site. link in the description bellow. You do not want to have a dancer change his or her mind and tell you not to use them in your video. Everyone has worked too hard to let everything go to waste.


So this is our part one. Let us know in the comments if you think this was useful and shoot us some questions if you have any.


P.s. We shoot our own videos pretty low cost. Here are the tools, we are using.
DJI OSMO: http://news.raisedbythebeat.com/DJIOSMO
DJI MOBILE: http://news.raisedbythebeat.com/DJIMO…
CANON LEGRIA MINI X: http://news.raisedbythebeat.com/canon…
I edit on final cut x :http://news.raisedbythebeat.com/final…

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