The Moving Life is a series of spontaneous and raw interviews with people involved in all aspects of the dance world. Hosted by Steeve Austin and Michele Kadison, each podcast sheds light on each selected artist’s inspirations, pitfalls, lifestyle and more. For anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes, as well as learning more about how to solve some of the challenges inherent in the business, The Moving Life provides an entertaining, vivacious, and educational platform for anyone interested in the dance arts and those who make them happen.

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With a decades-long career in dance as a performer, choreographer, and teacher, Michele Kadison has taught classes, workshops, and Master classes in Contemporary Jazz Dance throughout throughout the US, Europe, Japan, and Latin America, with STEPS Studio in NYC as her former base. As a respected Master Teacher, she holds a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from IMPAC in Miami, Florida, among other highly regarded honors. With her deep knowledge of the body and how to avoid and heal injuries, Michele is the creator and owner of Body Activation, the new healing fitness technique for contemporary culture.

Michele Kadison

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Steeve began his career as a dancer for shows and promo-tours for Nike, L.A.gear, Adidas, and more. Self taught until the age of 17, he moved on to major roles in various musicals. Very soon something deep inside pushed him towards passing on what he had learned to others. Teaching and choreographing would become one of his life’s passions, giving him the opportunity to travel the world. Known for his creativity and playfulness, Steeve has won dozens of titles in competitions, including a world champion title, both as a dancer and as a coach. His recent projects include choreographing for the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance, training dance teachers, and running a successful company.

Steeve Austin