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Raised by the beat is a platform with tools for the urban dance professionals. It's a how to become a streetdancer or better a hip hop dance professional guide.
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Setting Goals

Setting goals is a great way to motivate yourself throughout the time you are trying to achieve specific things in your dance career. It is all about consistency and dedication when it comes to achieving your goals.

Short Term Goals

One way to practice consistency is by setting short terms goals for yourself. You can break short term goals down as short as you want to. This includes hourly, daily, or weekly goals that you set for yourself to achieve. By having short term goals, it makes your long term goals more achievable. Making achievable goals to reach will create a healthy habit for your mind.


Long Term Goals

Along with short term goals, setting long terms goals for yourself is also important. You can make these long term goals biweekly, monthly, and yearly. In order to make sure that you are confident enough to achieve these long term goals, it is important to keep in mind that you must organize and make short term goals that will help you achieve your overall goal.


Staying consistent with your short term goals will motivate you to continue and achieve your long term goals as well. It is all about planning, practice, and consistency.

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