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How to manage your dance crew effortlessly | Raised by the beat
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How to manage your dance crew effortlessly

I have been training teams for two decades now. Because I am more of an artist than a manager, getting everything to run smoothly was always a pain for me. I might have found a solution tho.

Teamsnap reached out to me and showed me their solution. So here is my review of their app. Just as a disclaimer, this content is sponsored  but don’t worry. I have been given carte blanche to do a real review. So here it is.

I really did not know what to expect at first. We have been managing our team through facebook and it is just a disaster. Even as a simple communication platform fb is just impossible to use. Whenever anybody post a reply on any post, the entire timeline of the group gets changed and that post gets moved up to the top. Good luck trying to find a discussion you had a week ago or find back any information.

Teamsnap on the other hand has been designed to make everything much simpler. Let me run you through the features Real quick.

When you first sign up you ll get through a little wizard of questions but it s self explanatory so I won t go over it.

After you ve done all that you ll get access to your dashboard.

This is you operation centre for all activities. You have access to all the tabs of the app, a sharing feature and the status report section where you can have a condensed view of the activities that are going on on the platform.

Let me run you through the things I find really interesting and useful.

Who’s who?

The roster tab lets you manage your team members. You can add dancers, parents, coaches etc .. I really like the fact that you can specify the type of member. It makes delegating tasks possible within the app.

Start planning

In the schedule tab you can schedule competitions, practice and other events like fundraisers etc. When creating a new event you ll have the choice between games .. that would be competitions.. or events.. that would be anything that is not a competition. You can fill in the information about the event like location, date etc. but two features stand out for me. I think they are very clever. The first is location details. Sometime you’ll have to perform in huge venues and it’s easy to waste time looking for the exact room. This little box guarantees that everybody knows exactly where to go to. The second feature is Assignments. You can easily delegate task like bringing the costumes, picking up income badges etc. Just assign it to a team member, parent or coach. I ll come back on this later in another tab.

No surprises

I’ve had, more than once, the displeasure of going to rehearsal with the intention of working on formation changes to then realise that I had 3-4 dancers missing. It pretty much throws your plan into the garbage. The availability feature is intended to make sure this does not happen. It lets you know ahead of time if anyone can’t make it to a performance or rehearsal so you can plan ahead.

Is anything missing?

The tracking feature is also a super handy tool that I m sure, everyone will love. It lets you track if everyone on the team has handed in medical releases or brought back costumes for example. It’s easy to use, just click the checkbox and you re done.


Everybody knows how annoying it is to track if everyone has paid their fees, insurance, costumes etc. In Teamsnap members can just pay through paypal which allows you to use your credit card and in some countries debit cards too. Payment will then show up next to the team member’s name. You can off Course input payments manually too.

What the??

Statistics is the only tab I could not find any use for. I would love to hear if you have any idea of what this could be used for in a dance crew.  Just leave a little comment in the comment section.. I m really curious.

Keep everyone accountable

This is your assignment tracking dashboard so to speak. Remember those tasks we have assigned when creating an event. This is where they end up. You can then keep track of every single one of them right here.  Here’s that little checkbox again.

Sharing is caring

Uploading files to facebook has become more and more difficult. Especially if you want to share the music or your demo with the team. FB does not allow that because of copyright issues so you have to find all kinds of workarounds to get the crucial music edit your dancers need for practice. You can also share photos and videos or any type of file really.

Communication is key

This pretty much works like a forum for the team. You can distinct in between regular posts and something posted by the manager of the platform. Team members can answer and everything is easy to navigate. No timeline shifts like on facebook.

I’ll not go over the preferences and manager tab. They are there for you to tweak teamsnap to your liking.

So there it is. I love this platform. Make life so much more easy. Watch out tho, some features are premium and you ll have to pay for it. But no worries, it’s totally affordable.

So go ahead and try teamsnap for yourself. You’ll have a 20day free trial of all the premium features. That should give you more than enough time to see if you need it.

Let me know in the comment bellow if you would like more videos or articles like these, where I go over services and products that I think are useful for dance professionals


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