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Interview with Gergö | Raised by the beat
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Interview with Gergö

How and why did your dance career start? What lit the spark for you when you knew Dance was your career path?

When I was 12, I saw a dance competition on television, which inspired me. Immediately, I knew that this was what I will do for the rest of my life.


If absolutely nothing could go wrong, what would like to accomplish in your career?

Recently, I realized that there is nothing to accomplish. All of those titles I won are just passing illusions. What stays with me is the love for dance and the effort that I put in to be able to experience this emotion on its highest level. Also, don‘t keep knowledge of what you have learned. Pass it on to the next generations!


What is your pet peeve when it comes to teaching dance? What annoys you sometimes?

I can‘t handle people who think they can learn to dance without overcoming their own boundaries of their personal ego.


If you could go back in time, (any age of your choice) what advice would you give your young dance self and why?

Keep work and relaxation in balance and focus on inner values. Be ready to be criticized and don‘t give too much credit for haters and superficial people!


What is the biggest advise you have ever given someone?

Don‘t be afraid to die a thousand deaths, you have to learn to let go of your old form to become something more glamorous than you are now!

What was the biggest hurdle you’ve encountered and how did you overcome it?

My dance partner, Steffi, died last year at the age of 34. She was much more than a dance partner. The overwhelming pain was the biggest hurdle in my life until now. I am just learning how to deal with it. Afterward,  I think there is no hurdle that is too big or painful for me to encounter. I‘m not afraid anymore.


Do you have any rituals.. In the morning, or before a show,… if yes, which.

I have no rituals, particularly for dancing. But I do have a couple of rituals in life.


What is the most difficult thing to master or that needs the most work? (This could be anything from dance skills to people skills or business)

The most challenging for anyone who wants to work with dancers is to understand and to learn how to handle them. A dancer is a very special kind of human. It takes time to understand them. The best way to learn how to handle them is to become one. In that way, you can study them secretly on yourself.


“What are the biggest mistakes and myths you see in the dance (teaching) industry?

I think dancing is something very spiritual and philosophical, and industry is not. So all the biggest mistakes, misunderstandings, conflict, etc are results of how unaware people are when their focus is to create material when it’s origin was not materialized.


What are the biggest wastes of time?

Politics is the biggest waste of time for a dancer.


If you were to train an absolute beginner for four weeks for a 30 minute performance and had a million dollars on the line, what would the training look like?

A million dollar won’t change the way I teach.

First, what are the biggest mistakes novices make when teaching or choreographing?

A common mistake for beginner teachers is to give too much information too quickly. It takes time for the people to process what you have to say.


Even at the pro level, what mistakes are most common? What did you waste the most time with?

If you want to get better you have to work on your basics. All successful dancers know that! People want to win but very often they look for solutions in a very superficial way.


What is your favourite gadget / software/ tool you use in your career?

I use my iPad a lot. Big help for a dance teacher.

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