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Interview with Contemporary Dancer Marie | Raised by the beat
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Interview with Contemporary Dancer Marie

What is the biggest advise you have ever given to someone?

Don’t fake it [dance], make it real!


What was the biggest hurdle you’ve encountered and how did you overcome it?

I do not fit into the physical aesthetic of classical Ballet because my hips are very little. As a contemporary dancer, you do need Ballet technique – it is a daily class in universities and I still train ballet to keep my technical level. Since I started dancing, every teacher kept saying that I wouldn’t be able to become a professional dancer because of my turn out. How did I overcome it? Honestly, I didn’t. My body is built in a certain way and I had to accept that I cannot change it. However, I wanted it so bad that I kept going with my own way. I studied dance at a great university, and even more importantly, I made my living as a dancer. But still, in my head, my little turnout is a huge thing. But over the years, I’ve learned that most contemporary choreographers don’t care about my turnout. I know that I have many other qualities which are more important in my profession.[/vc_column_text]


Do you have any rituals during the morning, or before a show? If yes, what are they?

Every morning, I enjoy my fruit salad. No matter where, or how early, I will take my time to cut my seasonal fruit and take at least half an hour to eat. It makes me happy.


What is the most difficult thing to master or that needs the most work? (This could be anything from dance skills to people skills or business.)

Being a freelancer makes it difficult to allow yourself to have a break. Even if you are not in rehearsal, on stage, in front of a camera, or in a meeting, there is always something to do. Even if there is nothing on your list, you continuously feel like you should be doing something such as taking a class, going to the gym, applying for auditions, etc. It is very difficult to actually allow yourself to be idle to give your body and mind a break.

by Flo Flash


Even at a pro level, what did you waste the most time with?

The wasting of time, for me, was going to auditions. I had to learn to become extremely selective on which auditions that I applied to attend. This meant spending more time researching beforehand about the production. In the end, one will save money, time, and, most importantly, self-esteem, if you do not go to every single audition. One should look for productions that one is really interested in, and also where one could fit in as a dancer.


How important is networking and promotions for you? How do you manage to do one or both?

Networking is huge! Most of the jobs that I have done are the result of a person coming and seeing me on stage somewhere or when a person recommends me for a project. I am not a big fan of self-promotion, simply because it makes me feel uncomfortable talking about myself. I still naively believe that quality and professionalism, in my dance career, will make ends meet. However, I’ve started using Instagram and I finally have a website.

Contemporary dancer Marie Zechiel

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