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Healthy Nutrients To Include into Dancer's Diet | Raised by the beat
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Healthy Nutrients To Include into Dancer’s Diet

In order to be able to focus during dance classes, dancers need to fuel their bodies with the right nutrients. Knowing the right things to eat before dancing can help with energy levels, cramps, and muscle soreness. Depending on how many classes you are teaching or taking each day, you can adjust how much more or less you should consume.

As tempting as many of these foods are, you should avoid all of the following right before dance class:


  • Big Meals
  • Soda(this includes energy drinks)/Candy
  • Fast Food
  • Skipping a meal or snack



Avoid eating big meals right before class as it will cause nauseous and cramps.High sugar intake causes many people to crash faster during dancing, which causes difficulties in focusing. So, let’s skip the soda/energy drinks (causes dehydration faster) and candy.We should also in general minimize our intake in fast or processed food as it causes bloating and an upset stomach.

Lastly, never skip a snack or meal before dance class as this causes early fatigue and decrease in your attention span. Make sure you eat well in advance before your class (1 hour prior).





To supplement your body with the right nutrients include the follow in your diet:



  • Protein, Potassium
  • Water
  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Whole Grains



Including protein and potassium into your diet will refuel your body and avoid muscle cramps. Great examples of healthy foods with protein and potassium: peanut butter/meat/nuts and bananas/yogurt.Drinking water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after dance class. It prevents dehydration, muscle soreness, and it also flushes your body’s from toxins.

Lastly, including whole grain products is also a good way to have good carbs to refuel your body.






Again, you should moderate your intake portion depending on how many classes you are taking per day. It is also important to reach out to your dance teachers as well to make sure you are getting the best nutrients for your body.

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