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Dance Radar Private Fundraising | Raised by the beat
Raised by the beat is a platform with tools for the urban dance professionals. It's a how to become a streetdancer or better a hip hop dance professional guide.
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Dance Radar Private Fundraising




raised of a 5,000€ goal


We are Steeve, Marc and Jonas. We have recently built an app called ‘Dance Radar’.
Dance Radar helps dance studios find the perfect teachers for their classes.


At the moment, searching for a dance teacher feels like hell for dance studios. Everything relies on mouth to ear, picking up the phone or sending an email hoping to have the right number or e-mail-address,..  Pretty much still the middle ages.

After conducting multiple interviews with different dance studios in different countries, we have come to the realisation that this was THE biggest pain-point every studio owner has.




Our app would make the search and hiring of dance teachers easy, quick and seamlessly.

For the teachers, it is a great opportunity to promote themselves and find good jobs. This fits in our overall strategy to revolutionize the dance industry.

Our dream is to provide quality education and help the creation of jobs. With Dance Radar, we’ll be able to make so many people’s life better.

We have been developing our prototype, creating marketing ideas and talking to many dance professionals for more than 3 months now. We went to meetups, networked and learned so much. We believe so much in our project that we have invested a few thousand euros in the creation of this project ourselves. Bringing it to market will cost us an extra 5000 euros.

With this money, we will grow our outreach and marketing efforts as well as improve our app with the feedback we’ll collect from our users.

You can help us by donating on this page and by sharing www.radar.dance with all your (dancer) friends. No amount is too small but all donations of 100€ or above will be mentioned as contributors at our official launch.

In the next weeks, we’ll make the app available on the App-Store and Google Play in Germany and will test the app in Berlin first. After this, the world is for the taking.



We can’t do this by ourselves. We NEED your help to give this wonderful project a chance to grow and help the professionals that make your kids dance and make your heart beat with every performance. Those dance teachers are building the next generation of performers They are those people you see dance next to your favorite artists. They make you laugh and cry during theater performances.


Dance is the physical manifestation of music and the rhythmic expression of emotions. We find it in every culture and throughout history. It is a part of being human..


Help us help the dance community.

Together we can generate the business opportunities they deserve and allow them to pursue their dreams.

Thank you!

Steeve, Marc and Jonas



It’s a fast and easy way to get teaching jobs in your area – from a computer, tablet or a mobile phone.


A Ballet Teacher for a day, a Latin Dance Instructor for a multi-day workshop or a Hip-Hop Coach for the whole season – Dance Radar provides professional Dance Teachers for any types of Dance Class.


Being founded by Professionals of the Dance industry, Dance Radar is the perfect tool for Dance Teachers to promote their skills.

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