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Raised by the beat is a platform with tools for the urban dance professionals. It's a how to become a streetdancer or better a hip hop dance professional guide.
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Find the Space You Need

Everyone talks about space…

“I need my space” we say in relationships…“I’m looking for more space” we say when we feel cramped in our homes. Having more space is a universal theme: space to be ourselves, space to move, space to spread out. …but when do we ask for more space in our bodies?  Do we even imagine that it is possible?


Losing Space Through Stress

The more we live, with all the stresses that go along with life, the more our bodies compress. Sitting at the computer, ignoring our posture, not exercising enough or in the right way, wearing uncomfortable shoes, feeling tired and unfulfilled, eating foods that don’t give us the power and nutrition we need… all of this and so much more can lead to our bodies getting tighter and less mobile. And as we tighten, we lessen the space between our bones and joints, which puts pressure on nerves and muscles, leading to even more stress.


As Within, So Without

We all know the timeless saying, “as above, so below.” This expression can also translate to “as within, so without.”  How we feel on the inside is often reflected in the condition of our bodies. When we are stressed, we get tight. Headaches, backaches, neck aches are all a reflection of this… and on a more serious level, so is illness and disease, or ‘dis-ease,’ which says it all.




Working on ourselves from the outside in is a powerful way to help unwind stress and tension. When we loosen the body, the mind will follow. When we create space in the body, we begin to create greater mental space. It all correlates.


Allowing Rather Than Forcing

Body Activation is a technique designed to help create more space in the body in order to release subluxations and stress. The “how” is by opening up the areas between the bones, especially the vertebrae and joints to allow the muscles to have more room to release and relax. As the muscles release, tension and pressure is lessened, and the mind is affected in a tangibly positive way. This is achieved by “allowing” the body to release, rather than trying to stretch through force. We do this by working with gravity. By letting gravity open up the spaces between bones, we gently create a lasting and powerful result.







The Underlying Judgement of Force

Allowing is the opposite of force. Forcing the body to stretch is like saying, “why can’t you do this?” which contains the underlying judgement that you’re not good enough if you don’t achieve a certain ideal right this very moment. This type of thinking is disrespectful to your natural process of opening up and creates rebellion in the muscles… just like a child who is told what to do and is not ready to do it. When we “allow” the body to unwind naturally, at its own pace and according to its own ability in the moment, we create an inner environment where we respect the process of slowly loosening pent up restrictions without judgement.







Become Your Own Inner and Outer Astronaut

The greatest adventure is the search for and the discovery of more space. Astronauts will tell you that their job is one of the most exciting jobs imaginable. Body Activation proposes that the search for inner space is just as potent an adventure, with exercises that expand your own inner and outer space to make you a modern day astronaut who can stay right here on Earth to have the voyage of your life!

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Michele Kadison is the creator of Body Activation, the new healing fitness and coaching technique for contemporary culture.

Michele Kadison

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