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Raised by the beat is a platform with tools for the urban dance professionals. It's a how to become a streetdancer or better a hip hop dance professional guide.
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Welcome to our the Raised by the beat Affiliate Program. If you are here, it means we’ve earned your trust and you would like to become a partner. We thank you for that.


We love it when people talk about us, and even more so when they recommend us to their friends. As a thank you we would like to offer something back, which is why we have set up this affiliate program.


So how does this work?


As an affiliate, you have the right to sell our products and services. For every sale you bring in you’ll get a 10% commission. You can do this both online and offline. We’ll provide you with visuals and incentives to help you in the process.

Through our automatic software you can get a personal link for you to share wherever you please. Every sale provided through one of your links will be saved to your account and your commission will be wired at the end of every month. No extra paperwork. The software also leaves a cookie on the browser of your lead. It will register the activities of that person for 60 days (or until it gets replaced by a cookie from another affiliate.)

To help you succeed and have an effective marketing system, we’ll provide you with some visuals that you can modify and/or share. Visuals can include facebook covers, website banners, videos, social media campaigns ,…

For special launches and events, we’ll even write some posts you can share on social media including hashtags and some emails you could send to your listings. Don’t sweat it, we’ll do it for you.


Best practices:


Even if being a RBTB affiliate is kinda ‘easy money’ it does not mean that you will get traction by posting only once on your facebook page. It demands a little bit of time and dedication for you to get decent money out of it. Here are some tips and examples of what you could do.

  • Use a scheduling service like Hootsuite. It gives you the possibility to write your promo in advance and choose when you want to diffuse it. You can choose which social network you want to post to.
  • Email is king! Use our pre-written email templates to send to your mailing lists. You can, off course, modify it to your liking but it helps to have a base.
  • Never post anything without a video or a picture. You’ll have a much bigger chance of people clicking through if you have them. Our software facilitates this.
  • Best moments for posting in the day are 8 AM, 4PM and 8PM.
  • Create your own easy to remember urls. For example. www.yourdancecenter.com/dancevideotraining and redirect them to your affiliate urls
  • use your own urls on our blanco visuals.
  • Create QR codes to place on posters. A lot of people browse on their phone nowadays.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Build incentive, put some contests together.. It’s up to you to get people excited.

We hope you this document is all you needed to be convinced. If for any reason you would have more questions, please email us to Affiliates@raisedbythebeat.com . We’ll answer your questions asap.

Thanks for your time.

Stay awesome
Raised by The beat.